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Alessandra Torriani
VAT # 02502220136
skype: torrianitrad

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Translation info:
:: AITI Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti.
:: ACTA Associazione Consulenti Terziario Avanzato.
:: Translation Journal "A Publication for Translators by Translators about Translators and Translation."

:: Acronym Finder English acronyms.
:: IATE The dictionary/glossary of the European Union.
:: Wordnik English dictionary and thesaurus.
:: PubMed  International bibliography database of medical papers.
:: Free Medical Journals.
:: DOAJ A list of freely accessible scientific and medical journals.

Useful software:
:: Wordfast The free alternative to Trados Studio (Here, the low cost one; another free alternative is OmegaT.)
:: HTTrack Utility for downloading a full Website from the Internet to a local directory.
:: CatsCradle Editor for translating HTML files, alternative to Trados Studio.
:: Qlock Nice, free desktop clock with different time zones.
:: WorkRave Free software for people suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury; it forces you to stop working at regular intervals, with or without stretching exercises.