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Alessandra Torriani
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skype: torrianitrad

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Who's TorrianiTrad?

an image I am an Italian mother tongue, professional translator, graduated in foreign languages and specialized in English / Spanish / French > Italian translations, editing, proofreading, PE on medical / pharmaceutical / veterinary texts, architecture and interior design, with 20+ years of experience; I love foreign languages, horse-riding, tourism, art, and architecture.
AITI associate member #213145

How can I help you?

an imageDo you need to translate into Italian the documents for a clinical trial? Your patient records, or a medical paper? The brochure for a new medical product, training materials, forms, checklists, for your sales reps? Or maybe you need a text for a brochure, catalogue, magazine, or website?

My specializations (Translation Master in Medicine/Pharmacology, CTI, 2005; Translations Diploma/CAT tools, FSE, 1998; Foreign Languages degree, 1994), experience and passions allow me to offer you the best solution to your translation problems.

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